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Fixed gear project – Rebel 8 sticker pack

Last year I picked up an old Raleigh racer from the local tip, it cost me a tenner and I though I would turn it into a nice little fixed gear project, winter then came and the frame lived under the stairs whilst I ended up buying an fixed gear bike. After riding around for two months on my new bike one day I got a flat tire and had to leave the bike for a few hours locked up, when I returned it had been pinched! Ah well I thought time to fish out that Raleigh frame and start the project I had thought about the year previously, after a lot of stripping, sanding, priming, spraying not to mention e-baying the results are below and I’m pretty chuffed with it. Stickers by Mike Giant of Rebel 8.

Working in the city???

Working in the centre of Cambridge makes me laugh, this is what I cycle through every day on my way to work, Cambridge has to be one of the only cities in the world that have 15 Red Poll steers (cows) grazing on the common in the centre of the city! I can’t complain because I think it’s great and thoroughly enjoy navigating my way through them each morning, they clearly couldn’t give a monkeys and seem perfectly content.

Easy come, easy go

This last few months I have been lovingly buying pieces for a new fixed gear bike, concentrating on styling and colour scheme as you do, I finally get round to putting up photos and the bloody thing has just been stolen! Oh well, on to the next bike project I guess.