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White Canvas Project

Great film from Supremebeing for the White Canvas Project.

White Canvas Project 1: Cam Jam from Supremebeing Ltd on Vimeo.

From the green green grass of Cambridge to the hustle & bustle of London

Will Donoghue – Latest member of Mylo Design 

Within the last couple of months I have traded the quiet life of a freelance designer in Cambridge for the hustle and bustle of central London. Working beneath  the railway arches off Rivington St you will now find me tucked away behind the night club Cargo on in Archway 462 next to the Black Rat Press.

Why you ask? Well, when an opportunity stares you in the face you just have to go for it sometimes. I had been planning the move down to London for a while, it seems like the only thing to do if I want to progress as a designer in this country. Anyhow, after working with Mylo Design on several projects the last couple of years and engineering my time to spend more hours in London working on larger contracts it naturally evolved, the relationship between Albi Design and Mylo Design had been forged and we were working together well. We all realised that this was harmonious, the work was flying in and we were churning it out so we have now combined our powers much like that of ‘Captain Planet’ to create a super team, the new Mylo Design! Cheers to Tom and Ben for having me on board and making me feel welcome.

“when an opportunity stares you in the face you just have to go for it sometimes”

Seeing as this place is new to me I wanted to put up a few snaps of the area, there is sooo much going on and I’m finding it inspiring, first impressions of this area is that I really am in the centre of creativity and I’m loving it. The street art on the walls change on a weekly basis and this is encouraged, seems funny that the day I pop out with a camera to take some snaps of the area there is graffiti on Great Eastern Street based on 200AD comic character Judge Dredd, this is the very same reason I got in to art and design in the first place, I spent hours in the early 90’s with a biro or pencil drawing my favourite characters from my latest copy of the graphic novel, I still have them now!

Looks like this is my new stomping ground for now, I look forward to the next year and growing the team.


Need somewhere for all your social media? Here you are, check this..

Customize layout, background, fonts and colors in real-time.

Stitch together all your content from around the web into one place, sounds good hey?

Watch this great little vid, it’s no so surprise that Australian Designer Rob Morris who once was digital mash is behind it!


White Canvas Project

A couple of weeks back I had the pleasure of going along to a little treat out in the country put on by Supremebeing

It was a collection of urban street artist out in the country doing what they know best – painting everything in sight!

Artists present – David Walker – She One – Will Barras – Mr Jago  amongst others, here are a few of the snaps I managed to take whilst collecting up some footage, look out for short film from Supremebeing soon..

Re-post Logorama

Love this..

Leaving home:(

As I am now moving down to London to Work withMylo Design it seems such a shame to give the house a tidy and take photos for the letting agents! I have been here for three and a half years with me old Pal Danny Dog and I’m really going to miss them both! We had some good times in that living room:)

The Backwater Gospel

Awesome animation!

Paris with Supremebeing and David Walker

Cheeky little fim I did out in Paris with David Walker artofdavidwalker and David Newman Supremebeing. We had a cracking week helping Walker put his first solo show together..

Check this camera out!

Bread & Butter – Airport Berlin – Tempelhof

Berlin Jan 2011, short film I made for Supremebeing at Bread and Butter..