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White Canvas Project

Great film from Supremebeing for the White Canvas Project.

White Canvas Project 1: Cam Jam from Supremebeing Ltd on Vimeo.

White Canvas Project

A couple of weeks back I had the pleasure of going along to a little treat out in the country put on by Supremebeing

It was a collection of urban street artist out in the country doing what they know best – painting everything in sight!

Artists present РDavid Walker РShe One РWill Barras РMr Jago  amongst others, here are a few of the snaps I managed to take whilst collecting up some footage, look out for short film from Supremebeing soon..

Paris with David Walker and David Newman for Supremebeing – Photos

Paris with David Walker and David Newman for Supremebeing – Photos..


Paris with Supremebeing and David Walker

Cheeky little fim I did out in Paris with David Walker artofdavidwalker and David Newman Supremebeing. We had a cracking week helping Walker put his first solo show together..

Bread & Butter – Airport Berlin – Tempelhof

Berlin Jan 2011, short film I made for Supremebeing at Bread and Butter..

Supremebeing film – Vietnam

Whilst working in Vietnam I made this short film for Supremebeing. This film is directed towards the distributers and shown at Bread and Butter Trade Show in Berlin 2011. The music is by The Whitest Boy Alive (Burning)

Too many sneakers under the stairs!

This weekend we decided to have a bit of a tidy up at home, phoebe offered to clean under the stairs, didn’t quite realise how many pairs of sneakers were stashed under there!

Behind REBEL8: Joshy D

Red Suede Loafers (Supremebeing)

Since I have been doing some work with Supremebeing there are some perks to the job, like my new red suede loafers, sweet!