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M&C Saatchi Mobile

Now I am working down in London as part of Mylo Design it has been a real treat to work on some of the websites we have been creating. One of the most note worthy has to be having the opportunity to work on the design for M&C Saatchi Mobiles new website which we launched at the beginning of this year.

Mylo were commissioned by M&C Saatchi to design and develop a new website for their Mobile Marketing division. The key with this project was to marry up a clean, crisp and stylish interface with large amounts of sales driven content in a manner that fitted with the powerful and strong M&C Saatchi brand.

With these minimalist design requirements, we had to ensure extra content was available to the more inquisitive users without jeopardising the look and feel of the site. Also, this ‘hidden’ content needed to be as optimised as any other, to ensure the site acted well within search engines as well as it being the most effective sales tool for the client as possible.

Finally, it was important to ensure that future case studies could be added to the site by the client with minimal stress. The content management system enables the client to easily choose a selection of varied templates in order for them to best show off their fantastic mobile application work.