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Awesome animation!


Great little low budget film made by the young film maker Rickard Bengtsson, this guy has got soem serious skills and is still only 19!

A day in the life of New York City, in miniature.

Paris with David Walker and David Newman for Supremebeing – Photos

Paris with David Walker and David Newman for Supremebeing – Photos..


Paris with Supremebeing and David Walker

Cheeky little fim I did out in Paris with David Walker artofdavidwalker and David Newman Supremebeing. We had a cracking week helping Walker put his first solo show together..

Check this camera out!

Bread & Butter – Airport Berlin – Tempelhof

Berlin Jan 2011, short film I made for Supremebeing at Bread and Butter..

Supremebeing film – Vietnam

Whilst working in Vietnam I made this short film for Supremebeing. This film is directed towards the distributers and shown at Bread and Butter Trade Show in Berlin 2011. The music is by The Whitest Boy Alive (Burning)

GoPro Hero Naked

Since returning from Vietnam I have been working on a short film for Supremebeing, it’s about our time in Ho Chi Minh City and relocating the footwear designer next to the factory to improve the footwear range.

I’ve really been enjoying editing the film and want to get into it a bit more so I have purchased one of these puppies.


Filming footwear factory with Peter Scheid

Out one night in the city centre we were looking for a late night drink and came across a cool little bar, perfect we thought, we had just finished a piece of work and a couple of beers were certainly in order. We entered a small intimately lit bar with a great liquor selection and an intimate atmosphere, a home away from home!

It hadn’t been long and a we got chatting to the other guys at the bar, an ex vet Aussie called Neil with an awesome beard down to his belt line as if he was from ZZ Tops and a film maker named Peter that Damian had met several months previously. Needless to say several drinks were consumed and a great night of chatting and smoking was had, as we were telling Peter about what we were up to in Ho Chi Minh we mentioned that we were trying to make a short film about Supremebeing footwear production in Asia. Based on this information and several beers and gin and tonics he very kindly offered to help us out.

The results are as follows..